Chronic Illness, functional medicine, Thyroid

LIVE! Functional medicine and thyroid videos now posted!  Hey everyone…I hope all of you are ready for Christmas!  I’m posting a couple of videos for a live presentation I did about a month ago.  I hope you enjoy them!  One os a brief explanation of Functional Medicine, and the second video is an explanation of the FUnctional Medicine approach to thyroid problems.  Feel free to post comments and questions!  A new video on Vitamin D and MS is coming next, you’ve GOT to see that one!

Functional Medicine discussion, LIVE!

Thyroid discussion, LIVE!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Chronic Illness, functional medicine, Thyroid, VIP Program

Thyroid symptoms with normal lab tests? You’re NOT crazy!

Starting to think that you’re going crazy?  Does your doctor keep telling you that your thyroid is just fine even though you have every symptom in the book??  Well guess what…you’re NOT crazy!  Watch this video…