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Exercising Without Equipment

Hi everyone.  I just want to take a minute and introduce you to a great set of 7 exercises that are perfect for those of you just starting to exercise, as well as those of you who have been exercising for years.  These are safe, simple, self-resisted moves that require NO EQUIPMENT, they involve NO IMPACT, and they teach you to get your brain involved with your body movements.  These are more challenging than they appear, so try them before you judge them.    I’m posting two video’s from…one is about the background for these exercises, and the other is a demonstration of the 7 moves.  This is great stuff…enjoy!

My Introduction:

Demonstration of the “7 Tiger Moves”

Background on the “7 Tiger Moves”

Body Composition, functional medicine, VIP Program

The Physiology of Fat, Dr. Krupka’s Functional Medicine Video Series  Dr. Krupka outlines the ways in which your fat cells talk to your body and influence your physiology.  Think fat is just storage for calories? Think again! Dr. Krupka’s this functional medicine video sheds light on the truth about your fat cells.