About Dr. Krupka

Dr. Krupka is a Chiropractor near Houston, TX who specializes in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.  He has been in practice since early 2000, and lives in Northwest Houston with his wife and son.  Before his current career, he was a Firefighter and Paramedic, and earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas Lutheran College.


3 thoughts on “About Dr. Krupka

  1. You saw my sister today and impressed her S. May. We all have similar symptoms in my family from my mother down to our children. I s there a doctor in Jacksonville Florida you could recommend.

  2. My whole family sees Dr. Krupka…he is amazing and willing to educate you along the way. You are involved in your treatment and make choices along the way. He will spend as much time with you as necessary. The best advice I have is for those who have a mystery illness or who cannot be cured easily by traditional doctors — give Dr. Krupka a try. You’ll be amazed.

  3. Dr. Krupka, i stumbled upon your utube video tonight concerning Vit d Ms and viruses and it was very informative i have been taking Vit d3 for years now read about it and learned about it from other on line drs like Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, dr. Mercola and my own practicioner. I had myself tested and use to be between 37 and 50 now i am around the 87ish …if i take at least 5000 iu a day…..i have my kids taking that amount now that it is flu season. My mom came down with cancer two years ago in her late 60s an early 70s…she also has diabetes as well. i told her about it before she came down with cancer and after she did sloan kettering here in Nj sent her a letter telling her to get on 500000 i.u. plus sit in the sun 15 min a day…wow! what an eye opener. This is a big vitamin responsible for a lot of things that i had no idea about…thank you and other drs. like you that educate us and help us stay healthy….

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