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LIVE! Functional medicine and thyroid videos now posted!  Hey everyone…I hope all of you are ready for Christmas!  I’m posting a couple of videos for a live presentation I did about a month ago.  I hope you enjoy them!  One os a brief explanation of Functional Medicine, and the second video is an explanation of the FUnctional Medicine approach to thyroid problems.  Feel free to post comments and questions!  A new video on Vitamin D and MS is coming next, you’ve GOT to see that one!

Functional Medicine discussion, LIVE!

Thyroid discussion, LIVE!

Merry Christmas everyone!


5 thoughts on “LIVE! Functional medicine and thyroid videos now posted!

  1. Hi Dr. Krupka- I saw your recent video on the effectiveness of Vit D on autoimmune issues (such as Hashimotos thyroiditis). Question: what do you think of this study that seems to say that Vit D can actually exacerbate the problems unless the underlying viral or pathogenic issue is resolved:

    Would it make more sense to undergo anti-viral therapy with Olive Leaf extract first to see if that brings up the 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels?

  2. What can you tell me about Armour? Im amazed by your videos and nearly cried! As much as I have taught myself over the past few yrs reading as much as I could, you explained it better then anyone else & anything I have ever read! You are one man that seems to know exactly what he is talking about so I would appreciate any thoughts you’d share with me about your views of someone with 25% of their thyroid left & wanting to switch from Synthroid to Armour? I am still developing new growths & I refuse to ever have the remaining thyroid removed due to regreting ever allowing anyone to remove it. Hate to say it but sometimes I think I liked being thyrotoxic better then the aftermath of just always feeling.. Well ya know… BLAH! Thanks!

    1. Karen, As far as feeling better hyper than hypo…I’ve heard that from several patients. Generally speaking, Armour is a mix of T4 AND T3 so if you are a poor converter of T4 to T3, you’ll feel better on Armour than one of the T4 meds. I believe that Cytomes is also a T3 medication, but it’s synthetic. If you have normal T4 numbers, but your T3 numbers are low…consider one of the T3 conatining meds. You can get much more detail from “Six Simple Blood Tests That Can Change Your Life” on

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