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MSNBC misses the mark on gluten free diet In an article from titled “Is Gluten Really Bad For Your Body” posted on 4/22/2011, Karen Ansel, RD discusses the risks and pitfalls of a GF diet without discussing the very real benifits of a GF diet.  Dr. Krupka sets the record straight.  Dr. Krupka practices Functional Medicine and Chiropractic in Houston, TX


3 thoughts on “MSNBC misses the mark on gluten free diet

  1. Way to go, Patrick! You tell ’em! Great video! Those of us on the gluten free diet thank you for telling our story!


  2. I totally agree. And yes, it bothers me every time they have to give a shout out to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the form of downplaying the importance of dairy or gluten-free diet for some people, or vastly exaggerating risks and deficiencies.

  3. Great video, Patrick! I’ve been eating gluten free for about 18 months and have never felt better. Hope to see you soon. JD and I are looking at our schedules.


    PS – I’ve been encouraging JD to post videos on a blog since the writing overwhelms him. Just sent him this one in case he doesn’t know you’re doing this.

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