functional medicine

What is Functional Medicine? How is it different?

As more and more people start to watch my videos on this blog and on YouTube I’m starting to get more questions about the very nature of Functional Medicine.  As an answer to those questions, in this video I define functional medicine, and discusses the differences in philosophy between conventional prescriptive medicine and the functional medicine approach.


2 thoughts on “What is Functional Medicine? How is it different?

  1. I can not find your email address, could you send it to me or tell me where to find it.

    Have you done any reasearch on zeta-potential as it pertains to the bloodstream in balancing anionic and cationic values associated with erythrocyte aggregation, nutriient delivery, clotting etc. I have an abundance of research I could share with you if you are interested.

    Mike Hendrickson

  2. Thank you for your FYI: On Vitamin D. I was diagnose with MS in 2010. I get Blood work every six months. I been taking Vitamin D for 2 years and six months. I really interest to try The Rain Drop Theraphy! I will continue to read my information on your website. I stop taking Avonex for 3 years. I was bed written for almost a year. I refuse to get back on medication. I will google Rain Drop Therapy.
    Thank You

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