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How to make juice…with a 4 year old!

Happy Labor Day everyone, this is just a fun, and hopefully instructional, video of my son Kyle and I making juice after we picked veggies from our garden.  If you like to juice, post your favorite recipe as a “comment” so we can all share!


4 thoughts on “How to make juice…with a 4 year old!

  1. Oh, what a great Daddy you are! The sooner children develop a taste for these good foods the more likely they are to use them all their life. How many four year olds know about growing vegetables, composting and juicing. Kudos to you!

  2. Very fun video. Matthew loved watching you and your son. What is the advantage to juice in comparison with just eating all of the fruits and veggies? Does the juice get all the vitamins and just leave behind the fiber?

    1. Lelani,
      First of all, give Matthew a big hug for me! Now, juicing just makes it easier to get the nuitrition from all those fruits and veggies in without all the bulk. Another advantage is that you can use the fruits to temper the less kid-friendly veggies (I know I’ll get emails from the food-combining people after that). But I will offer a word of advice…don’t try to juice and consume more than you could possibly eat at one sitting. If you can fit all the fruits and veggies (for one serving of juice) on one plate, and it is an amount that you COULD eat if you really wanted to…then juice it and drink it. If you’re going to juice 30 carrots, 3 oranges, 4 apples, 2 cucumbers, 3 bell peppers, and 5 handfulls of spinach…that’s too much for one sitting.

  3. Loved the video!…I do not have MS…I do have a virus that shows itself every 3 months or so…On my face right under my nose…I remember seeing it after a intensive facial surgery (auto accident 1995) and have had it ever since…Thank You soooo much…i am going to your web site to search RAINDROP Therapy…I do however have one question, Dr. Krupka, I have RP…Retinitis pigmentosa…do you think It has something to do with a vitamin being blocked (vit A)…How? and I know there is no cure…but can it be slowed down…? I cannot afford an OVERDOSE of Vit A….I am very found of my Liver…Thank You again for the FAB VIDEO…Sincerely, Eden

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