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The Physiology of Fat, Dr. Krupka’s Functional Medicine Video Series  Dr. Krupka outlines the ways in which your fat cells talk to your body and influence your physiology.  Think fat is just storage for calories? Think again! Dr. Krupka’s this functional medicine video sheds light on the truth about your fat cells.

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BMI report cards? We can do better than that!

There is a disturbing trend these days to start to have the schools track students’ Body Mass Indices (BMI’s) and issue them like grades on report cards. 

Okay, where do I start with this one?  Well first of all, BMI has significant issues and is generally NOT the best measure of health and fitness, or overall disease risk.  Secondly…don’t the schools have enough to worry about without having an additional burden placed on them?  Why don’t we rely on doctors to keep track of health related metrics? 

Hear what I have to say about this in the video below:

And feel free to watch the original segment from FoxNews here:!/video/video.php?v=664269611320&ref=mf

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Cruciferous Veggies are Anti Cancer, AGAIN

Well, if you are a loyal vewier / reader of my blog (and who isn’t, right?) you knew this information quite a while ago when I posted the “Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Workshop” .  This article reinforces the anti-cancer benefits of cruciferous veggies and it’s worth reading and passing around.  Here is an portion of the article, and a link to the rest of it for you:

Now scientists at the Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center at Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and the Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC-James) have even more good news about the health protective power of cruciferous vegetables. They’ve discovered that a substance in broccoli and Brussels sprouts specifically blocks the growth of breast cancer cells.

The new study, published online June 29th in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, involved laboratory and animal studies which revealed an important connection between the natural compound, dubbed indole-3-carbinol (I3C), and a molecule called Cdc25A that is necessary for cells to divide and proliferate. The Cdc25A molecule occurs at abnormally high levels in cancers of the breast, prostate, liver, esophagus, endometrium and colon, and in non-Hodgkin lymphoma; it is also elevated in other diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. The Ohio State researchers made the remarkable discovery that I3C found in broccoli and Brussels sprouts causes the destruction of Cdc25A — and when that molecule is zapped, there’s a sudden halt to breast cancer cell growth.”

Read the original article here!

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WHO Admits Pharma Corruption

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a “fact sheet” detailing the pervasive corruption in the pharmaceutical industry.  They detail the corruption at every level of the “medicine chain” or the flowchart each medication goes through from its inception, through trials, approvals, and distribution to patients.  According to the article, ” According to WHO data, unethical practices such as bribery, falsification of evidence, and mismanagement of conflicts of interest are “common throughout the medicine chain.””. 

The original article is definitely worth reading, we should all be aware that there are interests working in the pharmaceutical industry that are NOT working for the benefit of the patients!

You can read the original article here:

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Gastrointestinal Physiology, VIP video series  Dr. Krupka explains the functional anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract.  Dr. Krupka uses functional medicine and holistic nutrition to assess and treat patients with myriad chronic issues.   This is in preparation for the next 2 gastrointestinal videos, “Gastrointestinal Dysfunction” and “Top 10 Tips for Gastrointestinal Health”