Adrenal, functional medicine, VIP Program

Adrenal Dysfunction, VIP Video Series

Dr. Krupka explains the mechanisms of adrenal dysfunction from a Functional Medicine perspective.  This should help you understand the need for a holistic nutrition approach to restoring functional adrenal health.  If you realize that you have adrenal dysfunction, contact either Dr. Krupka or a qualified functional medicine practitioner near you for appropriate evaluation and treatment. 


3 thoughts on “Adrenal Dysfunction, VIP Video Series

  1. Excellent information, thanks for the break down. Are there big differences between men and women… me, being a women, assume all my problems are related to my monthly cycle (only).

    1. Jennifer, There are few differences between how the adrenals function (and dysfunction) between men and women, BUT the effects of adrenal dysfunction are SIGNIFICANTLY different between the sexes.

      Women: The adrenals have the ability to influence menstruation and ovulation profoundly. This is the “safety switch” that allows us to shut down ovulation in times of stress when it wouldn’t make sense to get pregnant anyway (starvation, trauma, hostile environment, etc). Lesser stresses can disrupt your monthly cycle instead of actually stopping it – cramps, heavy flow, clots, tissue, moodiness, breast tenderness, etc (all ABnormal, by the way)

      Men: Adrenal dysfunction can increase the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and DHT (bad byproduct of testosterone) thus increasing the risks of obesity, type II diabetes, prostate “troubles” and prostate cancer.

      Anyway, similar dysfunction in the adrenals, but different effects for men and women.

      GOOD QUESTION!!! Thanks!

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