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No Oreo Zone?

Interesting story on FoxNews this morning about a school in Florida (a private school for children with behavioral issues) that has banned white flour, sugar, and refined / processed foods.  The Hosts of Fox & Friends seemed a little antagonistic and challenging, but I would love to have to opportunity to send my child (thankfully without behavioral issues) to a school with these policies.  Watch the video, and let me know what you all think.  Thanks!


No Oreo Zone?    <<<<<<< Just click on the link to see the interview<<<<<<<<<<<<


3 thoughts on “No Oreo Zone?

  1. I love this school! I can’t imagine trying to implement a policy like this in a typical public school, but these parents signed up for something different. No one is forcing anything on them. I think this is brilliant!

    I wish that parents would understand the impact of poor nutrition when they pack lunches for their kids. As a public school teacher, I face the consequences of bad eating habits every day in the classroom…sleepy kids, behavior problems, weight issues, learning disabilities, etc… Unfortunately, I just don’t have time to police the lunches that students bring to school. However, I ABSOLUTELY think that we need to do something to improve the health and nutrition of the school lunches we are selling to kids. You would be amazed at what we offer students for lunch…Cheetos Hot Fries with “queso” is my favorite. A student will almost always choose an unhealthy option over a healthy one. We need to be responsible adults and eliminate the bad options for them. I’m sure money is an issue, but we will certainly pay the price later on if we aren’t proactive about the health of our kids today.

    1. Tiffany, Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I hope other adults and parents start to think more like you and change the system we have today for teaching our children about appropriate food choices. AMEN!

  2. Just like cigarette companies have to put health warning labels on their cartons, there should be signs posted in the school cafaterias “EATING HERE IS HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH”. Soooo sad but absolutely true !

    I would LOVE the schools to offer ONLY healthy lunch options. I feel it would reap healthy eating habits for the future of our children and would immediately impact their emotional and physical wellness.

    Statistics show that the majority of children on the free lunch program also have grade and behavioral challenges. No doubt some can be impacted challenges from their environment but on top of that, their minds and bodies are nutritionally deprived by the school lunches/breakfasts which are likely the only, or at least the best meals they get that day.

    If diseases like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD & ADHD can be positively impacted by the proper nutrition, imagine what type of negative impact poor nutrion is having on children with AND without these challenges.

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