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Stool Samples and Intestinal Parasites

I wanted to get a blog post up today discussing stool samples and the appropriate way to check for intestinal parasites, worms, bacteria, yeast, and fungal issues.  If you suffer with intestinal issues, auto-immune problems, or chronic issues that are confusing to most doctors…you need to watch this video.

In this video I reference a link to the lab for the GIfx test, here’s the link:  Metametrix GIfx information.    Now, enjoy the video, and remember to leave comments and questions!


3 thoughts on “Stool Samples and Intestinal Parasites

  1. VERY informative!! Wished EVERYONE would watch this. I FIRMLY OUR #1 problem is TOXIC SYSTEMS! What’s your opinion of Colon cleansing? Thanks for posting this Patrick, I will definitly share. 🙂

  2. Colon cleansing in general is an important part of colon health. Depending on the situation I recommend anything from simple dietary changes all the way to colonics (colon hydrotherapy).
    Generally cleansing needs to be part of a comprehensive “gut rehab” program like the 4 R program…Remove, Replace, Re-innoculate, and repair. This involves REMOVING anything offensive to the intestines (food allergens, candida, parasites, etc, REPLACING digestive enzymes that may be lacking, RE-INNOCULATING with the right balance of “good” bacteria, and then REPAIRING the lining of the intestines to insure proper gut function.
    After this we generally progress to a whole body purification program (there’s a video already posted on the blog for that)

  3. Hi, excellent video! I was student who lies in america and traveled to poland for study purposes. I am little concerned about something so i thought maybe you can help considering your vast knowledge compartaive to other doctors who practice algorithm medicine. What would you say is the normal size of a stool and color of stool is? How many times should the stool be passing through the bowel in a day? is 4 throughout the day okay? I used to past 1-2 …now its been 4…The stool seems to have normal- abnormal texture in that it comes out normal, but because of water, it breaks apart. The color of the stool has been golden yellow. Along with that a small history of myself, for about 3 years i had neurological issues of parasthesia accompanied by other symptoms but undiagnosed even when EMG, MRI, blood work have been done in the past. MRI- normal…EMG- showed some denervation (not demyelination) so was given MEtanx( but now not on it b.c it raised AST and ALT levels)…blood work showed- vit D low(fixed, but keeps going up and down, IGM and IGG to CMV and EBV in small amounts(no symptoms in the past with these), gluten senstivity is positive (insignificant test), but i think the other test showed it was negative for celiacs along with an upper endoscopy to rule it out (in upper endoscopy there was a small irregular z line). Now after 2 years along with this, i have Gi symtoms through the way the stool looks. Past two weeks i have seen the stool been different colors( green like the leaves on tree, other times small red dots in stool( could be tomatoes i keep eating from taco bell or something red),golden yellow, somewhat brown)..stools have been thin, thick, long, broken, wet, etc in all different times. Its seems like its all been since i started studying for my board exam, but i am not sure. I don’t whats going on with my body the past few years. I been a mess and i feel like the field i am going into, MEdicine, doesn’t help either!….What should i do? Are the neurological issues related to the Gi issue now? Is this stress? My diet? my lifestyle? a hidden issue not resolved? I would appreciated your time and patience for this answer since your seem to know your infomation. I thank you for taking this time to just read it. Gdluck in your practice and i pray you inspire more individuals like me to be better doctors and better human caretakers of our selves.

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