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Dr. Krupka’s new VIP program

Okay, word got out a little earlier than I wanted, so I’m posting this video to answer a few questions about the new VIP program I’m going to start at the office.  I’ll have a full announcement in about 6 weeks with all of the details.  Until then…stay tuned!

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Breast Cancer “Eradicated”? The Cure Already Exists?

Seem unbelievable?  Well that’s exactly what Dr. Cedric Garland presented when he was the keynote speaker in Toronto, Canada recently.  He was very clear, in his position as a leader in vitamin D research, that he has seen sufficient evidence to pronounce that if women kept their vitamin D levels sufficiently high, the risk of breast cancer could be near ZERO for these women. 

He even said,”Vitamin D is “the cure” for breast cancer that the cancer industry ridiculously claims to be searching for. The cure already exists! But the breast cancer industry simply refuses to acknowledge any “cure” that doesn’t involve mammography, chemotherapy or high-profit pharmaceuticals.” 

You can read his full statement in the article from “Natural News” here: Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

If you’ve watched my “Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Workshop” you already know that Vitamin D plays a critical role in cancer risk reduction, but Dr. Garland has strengthened his stance as of late.  In my office I strive to have women raise their vitamin D levels to at least 55 (most labs consider anything over 32 to be adequate). 

You should have your vitamin D levels checked every 3 months until you reach your goal of a value over 55, and then check them annually thereafter!   

The appropriate test to request from your doctor is the “25 OH Vitamin D” test.

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Stool Samples and Intestinal Parasites

I wanted to get a blog post up today discussing stool samples and the appropriate way to check for intestinal parasites, worms, bacteria, yeast, and fungal issues.  If you suffer with intestinal issues, auto-immune problems, or chronic issues that are confusing to most doctors…you need to watch this video.

In this video I reference a link to the lab for the GIfx test, here’s the link:  Metametrix GIfx information.    Now, enjoy the video, and remember to leave comments and questions!