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January Cleanses!

Well it seems that the time is upon us again…the end of the holiday eating season, the end of 2009, and the beginning of new year’s resolutions and transformations.  Every year there is a rush of patients wanting to take advantage of their new-found motivation and start a cleanse in early January.  This year, we want to help as much as possible.

We are offering “Pre-Cleanse” appointments:  These are 15 minute appointments that include an orientation to the cleanse (the Standard Process Purification Protocol) along with a very detailed body composition analysis.  This Body Composition analysis includes percentage of body fat, lean mass, intra-cellular/extra-cellular fluid balance, phase angle, capacatence, basal metabolic rate, body mass index, and a few other parameters.  These appointments are usually about $65.00 but for January, they’re only $50.  You also get a printed report with all of your information.

After your cleanse, you can repeat this visit and the testing to see exactly what the cleanse did for you!  Now THAT’S motivating!   We are already booking these appointments, and if you call in advance, we can have your cleanse supplements ready to go at your first cleanse visit.    

With the regular rush of post-holiday patients, there are only a limited number of these appointments available, so call now and schedule yours today!